Website Building, Repair and Management

Computer Tune up: Adware, Malware and Virus Removal

Website Service Overview


Simple site designs with quality content.

Entire sites, or single pages.


  • Design Websites from scratch and customized templates.
  • Redisign or maintain existing sites.
  • Repair broken sites.
  • Quality, unique content.
  • Manage Social Networking Campaigns.
  • Newsletter Publishing

What we do online


No matter what your current expertise, or level of presence online, we can help.

Just starting out? We can work with you to design your Website.

Already have a site? We can help you redesign it, or optimize it to do better in the search engines (SEO).

Does your site look bad on mobile devices? More and more people are using smart phones and tablets to access the web. The old method of building sites for desktop and laptop views no longer cuts it. We can use the latest Responsive Design methods to overhaul your site so it looks good in any browser on any device.

Is your site not working? We can help you get it working again.

Looking to promote yourself on Web 2.0 and social networking sites? We can help you with promotion and brand building.

What We Do On Site

Limited to the Southern New England area. We will diagnose and repair computers that are cluttered by junk files, adware, malware and viruses.

We offer free pick up and delivery for any computer that cannot be repaired on site.


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